Why is Hypnotherapy so expensive?

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Do you want to explore hypnotherapy? Perhaps you have thought about hypnotherapy but have hesitated because of the high price of the treatment. So why is hypnotherapy often more expensive than counselling or other related therapies? Hypnotherapy is indeed costly. But, for a reason.

The cost of hypnotherapy explained

Unlike more common therapies, where sessions mainly include the therapist listening to the client, making some observations, or posing a question, hypnotherapists provide the client with entirely personalised subliminal suggestions.

Sessions may last up to two hours and can include “trance induction.” The hypnotherapist, who usually does 90% of the talking in the session, must remain focused during sessions. Compared to other therapies, the demands placed on the therapist are much higher. Given the high demand, reputable hypnotherapists restrict the number of clients they treat to provide the best care they can.

What is hypnotherapy?

You might assume that the hypnotherapist puts the client into a trance and then controls or bosses them around. That is a typical media myth that mocks hypnosis as a “magic wand”; this is not the case with clinical hypnotherapy.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy focuses away from the issue and helps the client create a promising future through subconscious suggestion and carefully determined language patterns.

The first consultation is done at the conscious level. Included is taking a case history and assisting the client in defining a therapeutic objective or outcome. The goal must be realistic, thoroughly described, and morally acceptable. Typical objectives include:

Freeing yourself of anxiety and phobias

Being more confident.

Embracing developmental stages.

Ridding yourself of addictions.

Completing exams and Interviews.

Losing weight.

We say “seeing is believing” because, deep down, we all recognise that we cannot accept something if we cannot see it. A part of seeing is believing. When someone is under hypnosis, their unconscious starts to trust in and visualise the goal clearly. The unconscious will then strive for ways to clear roadblocks to achieve the goal, and each client will take a different route.

Hypnotherapy is frequently a quicker form of therapy because this process can happen quickly; however, this does depend on the client and the goals they aim to achieve. Solution-focused hypnotherapy focuses away from the issue and helps the client create a promising future. Hypnotherapy does cost more than many other therapies, but the results are more than worth it. Additionally, they often appear rather quickly.

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