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Procrastination prevents people from taking necessary action in their lives. Meaning personal goals are never accomplished as the actions required to achieve the goals are never completed. Procrastination manifests typically by convenient distractions or excuses that help us rationalise why vital things never get done. The cause of procrastination usually is fear. The task at hand may feel threatening to us, as we consider it tough and may lead to failure because we believe that we’re not good enough to be successful. The subconscious later creates a sense of alarm when thinking about the upcoming event. Hypnotherapy is efficient when dealing with procrastination by first accomplishing a relaxed state and later emphasising your goals. Hypnotherapy works by changing negative subconscious patterns to determined ones that rewire a person’s thought process to help them have the confidence to take the needed actions.

I can help with:

  • Removing negative idea processes that prevent you from taking action
  • Creating new idea patterns that make taking action much easier
  • Allowing you to reach your objectives much quicker and easier
  • Give you the confidence to be the person you would like to be and live the life you wish to live

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